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Making an account on Paragon.gg is easy, and doing so unlocks some awesome features. It takes under a minute and you'll be well on your way to becoming a top Paragon player.

Get verified

When you create a Paragon.gg account and link it with your player profile, we verify that you are the owner. You get a blue checkmark next to your name on your player profile, showing everyone that it's really you.

Track your progress

A Paragon.gg account gives you easy access to your player profile and statistics in Paragon. You can link your in-game account, allowing you to see your matches, your card collection (and how many you still need), and much more.

Give your decks credibility

When you have an account we link your in-game Paragon performance with the decks you create on the website. This means other people will be able to see that your decks and builds bring real results to the battlefield.

Promote your Twitch.TV stream

After creating an account you can embed your twitch stream directly on your profile. Whenever you're playing in a match, people can follow along with our live match page, and see your stream at the same time. You'll also get an icon next to your name when streaming so people can see you're live!

It's free, as in.. free

Everything on the website is completely free for players to use. Guides and decks by professional players, the most advanced Paragon deckbuilder, in-depth Paragon analytics and statistics. All free. We won't ask you for donations to use parts of the site for profit. Paragon.gg is completely free.