Sevarog Stats
Stat Value
Attack Melee
Mobility 3
BasicAttack 4
Durability 10
AbilityAttack 4
Sevarog Overview
Attribute Value
MaxEnergy 282
BasicPenetrationRating 0
BaseAttackTime 0.95
AbilityPenetrationRating 0
HealthRegenRate 1.17
MaxMoveSpeed 670
AbilityResistanceRating 30
MaxHealth 702
BasicResistanceRating 21
CleaveRating 0.2
AttackSpeedRating 100
EnergyRegenRate 1.34
Sevarog Abilities
Key Name Description
LMB Hammer Melee basic attack dealing {damage} {attr:physdmg}.
RMB Phantom Rush Sevarog rushes forward 1000 units, gliding through any enemies in his path.
Q Siphon Active: Sevarog deals {damage} {attr:endmg} to all enemies in the targeted area Passive: Sevarog gains Soul Stacks for killing minions and heroes with any ability or basic attack. He gains 1 Soul Stack with each minion kill and 3 per hero. Each Soul Stack gives Sevarog +{healthpassive} {attr:hp} and adds +{damagepassive} {attr:endmg} to his Siphon attack. +20/30/40/50 {attr:hp} and +10/15/20/25 bonus {attr:endmg} is also added upon reaching 20/60/120/200 Soul Stacks.
E Subjugate Sevarog targets a circle on the ground and calls down a burst of dark energy that does {damage} {attr:endmg} and applies a {status:root} for {rootshort} second to any enemies hit. When the root expires, the targets will have a {slowsecondary}% {attr:spd} {status:slow} for {slowlong}.
R Colossal Blow Sevarog gives one mighty swing of his hammer, dealing {damage} {attr:endmg} in the area and knocking back enemy heroes.