Serath Stats
Stat Value
Attack Melee
Mobility 5
BasicAttack 8
Durability 2
AbilityAttack 6
Serath Overview
Attribute Value
MaxEnergy 276
BasicPenetrationRating 0
BaseAttackTime 0.85
AbilityPenetrationRating 0
HealthRegenRate 1.14
MaxMoveSpeed 675
AbilityResistanceRating 30
MaxHealth 686
BasicResistanceRating 17.9
CleaveRating 0.1
AttackSpeedRating 100
EnergyRegenRate 1.32
Serath Abilities
Key Name Description
LMB Angelic Smite Melee basic attack dealing {damage} {attr:physdmg}.
RMB Chastise Serath sweeps her wings in front of her, dealing {damage} AOE {attr:endmg} and applying a {movespeed}% {attr:spd} {status:slow} for {duration} seconds
Q Heaven's Fury Serath hovers in place and hits enemies in a targeted area with a ghostly slash. Each slash deals {damage} and additional bonus {attr:physdmg} and is applied one target at a time, with a {castdelaydur}s delay between each attack. While attacking, she is immune to damage and crowd control.
E Ascend Serath rises into the air and targets an area {movespeed} units away. Upon confirmation, Serath dives down and deals {damage} {attr:endmg} to the targeted area.
R Heresy Serath lets her dark side take over for {duration} seconds. At that time, one stack of {status:burn} and one stack of Weakness is applied to enemies within {range} units Range. {status:burn} does {movespeed} {attr:endmg} over 3 seconds. Weakness will cause Enemy Damage to be {maxhealthpercent}% of normal for 3 seconds. Any enemies she hits with another ability during the entire {duration}s Duration will also have a {status:burn} and Weakness applied to them. Burning enemies take additional {attr:physdmg} if Serath hits them with a Basic Attack while this ability is active.