Rampage Stats
Stat Value
Attack Melee
Mobility 7
BasicAttack 4
Durability 8
AbilityAttack 2
Rampage Overview
Attribute Value
MaxEnergy 276
BasicPenetrationRating 0
BaseAttackTime 0.85
AbilityPenetrationRating 0
HealthRegenRate 1.2
MaxMoveSpeed 665
AbilityResistanceRating 30
MaxHealth 733
BasicResistanceRating 22.4
CleaveRating 0.2
AttackSpeedRating 100
EnergyRegenRate 1.32
Rampage Abilities
Key Name Description
LMB Swipe Melee basic attack dealing {damage} {attr:physdmg}.
RMB Rumble Rampage pounds the ground with both fists, dealing {damage} {attr:endmg} and {movespeedslow}% {status:slow} to all nearby enemies for {duration} seconds.
Q Boulder Throw Rampage throws a boulder, dealing {damage} {attr:endmg} and a {movespeed} second {status:stun} to enemies. Enemy minions hit by the boulder will also be displaced. On activation, Rampage pulls a boulder from the ground. Rampage's movement speed will be slowed until he throws the boulder or cancels the ability.
E King of the Jungle Active: Gain bonus basic damage equal to {healthpercent}% of current health for {duration} seconds. Passive: {attr:hpreg} +{maxhealthpercent}% of max health per second while in the jungle.
R Enraged Rampage becomes enraged for the next {duration} seconds. Rumble hits a larger area and its cooldown is reduced by {cdr} seconds. Boulder Throw can be thrown quickly, but at shorter range. King of the Jungle's {attr:hpreg} is multiplied by a factor of {regenmult} and is active everywhere on the map.