Improve your carry skills and positioning 

What is the purpose of the role? 

Well it might sound pretty straight forward but it is! The role is made To do damage, lots of damage whether your shooting stuff up as Murdock or Smashing people in the face as Serath the main purpose is to do as much DPS to enemy heroes, Towers Or even just neutral objectives like Orb prime and the big Raptor dude

The Basics: so you need to able to do high DPS to what ever your shooting at to do this you need to farm plenty of killing blows on minions and enemy heroes. Start in the duo lane with your support work with him/her to control the lane and out farm/outplay the other duo and Dominate late game 

Early game: at the start you should play Safe because you are really fragile and weak but so is the other carry. attempt to establish lane domination as fast as possible by poking the other duo bringing there Hp low so ether they have to back and let you farm or damage tower or call over your jungler and get some early kills. Try to keep your backing as limited as possible because at the start xp is very important and even if your level 3 and the other carry is level 4 he’s gonna have a easier time with trade offs than you. For the gold buff try your best to secure it to increase your gold gain but it’s not worth dying for so if your on the dawn side be sure to play it safe and let the other carry have it. But if your confident start a mini team fight over It. A good positive to being on the dawn side is the minion and black camp that can help you farm and grab hunters sight to stick to targets with your autos. If your on dusk you will have a much easier time secureing gold and since you have the higher ground it will be easier to hit your autos and skill shots. Remember you want to take out there tower as fast as possible to control the map And be able to secure fangtooth 

Mid game: so after the laning phase is done and ether you lose or took there tower there is going to be more rotations going on and team fights over midlane and fangtooth try to balance your farming and helping out in mid as much as possible because once you get a pick it’s super easy to grab fangtooth due to it being a 4v5 or more and who knows you might get a couple of kills in the process but don’t just chase kills all game you got to farm too to get xp and gold if not you might be behind the enemy carry by 40 or 50 cs and that can be a problem. Keep trying to keep a perfect balance of farming, team fighting and taking objectives in the mid phase 

Late game: In the late game you should have pretty much reached your full build and be at a decent level too. In this portion of the game you are a invaluable part of the team they absolutely need your damage to win team fights or take towers but that also means your going to be a high value target and going to be focused a lot be prepared for that and stay near your front liners or supports Do not overextend by your self because most likely you will be ganked and die so don’t get cocky your still really fragile to assassins and high dps tanks. This part of the game is your prime time make the most of it and carry your team to victory! 

Map awareness and positioning: as a carry you must keep your eyes on the map and know what’s going on if your pushing up to the other duos tower and the enemy mid is missing and you don’t have wards fall back for a while and reset the lane or even prep for a counter gank if your jungler is up to it. Always be aware of all the team fights going on and try to join them to do your damage and pick up kills 

For positioning remember that your a ranger so keep your distance! Stay behind your tanks and avoid doing close combat as much as possible always try to do damage at a safe distance and always be ready to follow up on a ally CC.

Well that’s pretty much the basics for carry it is a very popular role In paragon and I hope this helped!


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