A really basic guide

This guide may be too basic for some of you more experienced. But still, if you are new or you just want to repass some things, here's a quick guide on what not-to-do. I added also some Basic Laning Techniques.


This is your first enemy. A good team is usually composed by a Support, a Carry, a Midlaner, a Sololaner and a Jungler, with heroes made for be better in each different role. That doesn't mean that an off-meta choice is bad. But for sure a 4 carries team is going to lose if the other team knows how to play even the most basically. 

  • Respect the draft order: don't be a one-hero only player. It will happen that in the same lobby, you will encounter people that would want to play your favourite role. If they are before you in the draft, just take the chance to play something you usually wouldn't play. 
  • Don't stick with just one hero: most of the heroes in Paragon are multi-laners. But don't abuse this to play just the hero you are comfortable with in any lane. A Twinblast won't be a good jungler. Remember: a great player can make anything work, but unlucky we are not. Just stick with what's easier by now, you will be a great one one day, hopefully. 
  • Don't pretend someone else to play a certain hero: "Please pick a different hero" is an abused and bad manner that will ruin your team's mood. You want a Muriel as a support, but your teammate selected Dekker? Respect his pick. Be positive and open to different solutions.

This is a hard one. Everybody wants to play jungle, is free, you are the maker of your own destiny. I get it. But that doesn't mean you are allowed to do anything you want. A good Jungler is the difference between a win and a loss. 

  • Early ganks: this is something I see so often it scares me. Usually is not a good idea, specially in soloQ. Experience and gold are the most important aspects of the game, not the amount of kills or deaths. When you are in lane with someone else, you share that experience and that gold, that means less for your teammate, so a disadvantage. Do it if you really think you can get that kill. But please, don't. 
  • Pushing lanes while you are just backup-ing a teammate: maybe your Sololaner died or was low health after a fight, and the minions are pushing the tower. Clear the ranged minions, leave the melee. They won't do much damage and you will give your teammate time to come back and continue farm. If you take all the minions, your friendly minions will push and you will give your enemy laner the opportunity to farm safely under his tower, denying your teammate's farm. Less experience, disadvantage. Easy. 
  • Don't stay too much in lane: again, experience and gold are shared. You have your jungle minions, don't be greedy. 
  • Don't stay too much in jungle: jungling is a discipline that requires practice and experience. Knowing when and where to gank is not something you will know since first. But don't make the mistake to forget about your teammates, they need you. Learn to measure your presence. 
  • Focus on Objectives: there's no glory finishing 20-0-10 and losing. This is a Team-based game. Winning is all that matters. Chasing that one more kill is a waste of time. Go for Fangs, remember your team when to group up, be a generous leader. These qualities make the best jungler. 
  • Taking your teammates minions and then go away: if you decide to stay in lane, don't simply steal someone else's farm. Or you push, or you just go away. That one more minion doesn't change your match, but could change your laner's. Go for the tower, or go back to where you belong, THE JUNGLE. 
But, has to be said, blaming constantly your jungler for not ganking or stealing constantly his camps is just rude and unhelpful. You can take a couple of minions if you are behind with farm, but leave something for your jungler. You have your lane and your minions, leave to your Jungler his ones.


Nobody wants to play Support. What a shame. But is indeed one of the most crucial and useful kind of heroes in the game. Your role is to save your teammates and help them in the most difficult situations. 

  • Wards: the biggest mistake that a Support can make, is picking a deck with no wards or not using them. A good Carry is focused on not being ganked, valuing when to push, trying to get those early kills and farming the better possible. Make his life easier: ward. Ward the river and points where you think they can be useful to your whole team too. And when it's time, ward objectives. Start with Fangs and around 15/20 minutes, even Orb Prime. 
  • Last hitting minions: I have to correct myself. This is the worst thing a Support can do. Leave your carry his farm: few experience, few gold, less power, less kills, more deaths. You can't blame a Carry if you stole his farm, it is your fault. 
  • Zoning enemies: this is something you should focus on. Better denying enemies farm, rather than farm yourself. Forget about minions, do everyone a favour, especially early game. You can get your experience mid-late game, setting lanes for your team. Nobody needs an overleveled Support and an underleveled Carry. 
  • Picking non-Support heroes for Support: unless you're a really good player, you won't be of any help. Phase, Muriel, Dekker. They all have abilities that make you useful, a Terra or a Rampage Support is going to be harder and will need a precise deck to make it somehow work. 
  • Communication: because you are in duo same lane, that doesn't mean you don't have to talk. Communication is key to success. Is even true that sometimes you won't encounter Carries that will do what they need to do. Support is a delicate role, try to do your best to minimise the damages.

Carry, Sololane and Midlane. Each of these three roles requires a precise guide and a "Not-to-do" List. But I thought about general advices and a small list of techniques that are needed to be known. 

  • Feeding: if you are dying to your enemy laner, change strategy. Play safer, you won't magically get back from your disadvantage. Concentrate on farm, rotate when needed, help your team. 
  • Be constantly in your lane: as your jungler, you need to rotate, help your team and group up for Objectives. Set your lane and go. 
  • Freezing the lane: first technique, is crucial to control your minion wave and the position where you want to farm. Usually freezing the lane means focusing just on last hitting minions. If you are in duo, the Support should not touch even once any minion and the Carry just last hitting them. That way you should be able to stay under tower, farming safely, and granting your jungler a safer and better gank. Don't let the enemy minions reach your tower otherwise you will have your tower eat your farm. Make sure they are just closer to your side in lane. Usually, your enemies will try to freeze the lane too. Value whether or not try to contest the freeze or decide to take a more aggressive lead. 
  • Setting the lane: this is a mid-game, late-game technique that has to be mastered the soon as possible. Not all the lane have to be pushed by you or your teammates: minions are there for you. Setting a lane means make your minion wave just that much stronger to always win the enemy wave, but just as low to be reached and grouped up by the next friendly waves. This way, you will get a big wave that will easy take a T2 or just will buy you time to rotate or group up for Objectives. The way you can set a lane is: kill the ranged minions. Those are the main damage source of a wave, get rid of them. Then make a quick count and leave the exact same number of friendly melee against enemies' melee. This way the lane is set. When to do it: usually before team fights or Fangtooths or Orb Prime. Make your enemies take a decision: contest the objective in 5, or leave someone outside the fight to save the lane. Usually, try to set the farthest lane possible: if you are going to push left, set right and viceversa. It will make a big, big difference and will give you a big advantage. 
  • Zoning enemies while on Objectives: your team is going to group up for Fangs. Set the lane, apply pressure and group up. Probably the enemy team will contest it. Let your heavy damage and tanky teammates deal with the Fang, meanwhile you keep enemies outside the camp. For example: an Howitzer Ulti on the entrance of the camp, a Gadget ulti, a Dekker one. Take them away the possibility of steal it from you. Don't chase. Have you seen the film "300"? This is pretty much the best way to lose any fight and give them a free Fang. Take your objective, then push lanes. No need to chase kills like a squirrel his nuts. 
  • Invading enemy jungle: this is a situational thing to do and most of the time is your jungler task. You have just killed the enemy jungler or you see him in lane, not being a problem for your teammates. Could be a good time to steal some camps and deny your enemy jungler useful farm. But don't stay too long: if the enemy team converges on you, you will put your team fight (if they rotate) in a disadvantaged position. Be smart about it.