Feng Mao solo laner tank/damage


Build early game


Your first card, with her you can rush on your ennemy and auto hit him with your shield level 1.

number two:  Gardian alive, her armor passive allow you to snowball your lane.

number three:


Give you a great armor and allow you to rush on one or two ennemys and kill them with your ult and escaping you without dying.

Early/Mid game

number four:

Thorned Yomi

This card is really important because she's so badass, she lets you rush on a big fight and receive lot of damage with her active. She give you most damage and tankiness.

Mid game

number five:

Unbroken Spirit

With her passive and tankiness, you are definitively unstoppable killing machine.

Late game

last number:

Compensator Rig

The ultime card, you dont really need it but if you make it, you will become the god on this game. An unstoppable rock killing machine.