1. Let me explian. I know, i know, all other rev builds you have seen has always started with obliterate, but i think that thats just a bad idea, because obliterate is a kill for escapeing enemies, so get scar first to keep enemies off of you and your support on the right lane, and also since you wont be pushing so hard, you will have obliterate before you even start getting kills.

  2. Cards. The cards on here seem simple, and they are, its simply focused on dmg, mostly your basic.

  3. Early game. So when you start the first thing you want to do is get Scar of course, then add on a strike token and madstone gem, this will be your first run cards. your next run you will discard them and put on your lowest adament edge and fully upgrade it. then your next one.

  4. Mid game. By now you have taken the enemys first tower on the right side, if not the second. So go back to base and put on the 2 rust breakers and try to fully upgrade them. make sure by know you have scar to atleast lvl 2 or 3. and have unlocked your lvl 1 ult.

  5. Late game. OK this is the big finish. you have to have the enemys teir 2 by now, so go to base and get the ash of the witch, with this when you use your scar it will slow the enemey giving you a advantage, and also when you use your ult it will slow them. this is good, so now your atleast at lvl 15 or close, time to wipe the team! and win.

  6. This is a skilled deck..... If your not used to carrys or other heros, this is a good build to start you out!!!