Intro: I feel like I've found the best deck and strategy as offlane Severog seeing as my win rate as him has skyrocketed since finishing the fine tuning of this deck. You want to prioritize Siphon first and foremost. Some people want to get Phantom Rush at level 2 but I've found that having Subjugate ealier opens up early kill potential if your jungle ganks your offlane. Of course each game is different so early on, it's up to you.

The Definitive Deck: The bread and butter of the game. The lifeblood if you will. This deck emphasizes power and health early game, ability armor, some more health, attack speed, and more power mid game, and then finishing with attack speed and power at the end with added utility. This deck is slight more basic attack centric but as long as you are getting a good amount of Siphon stacks, it balances nicely. Pick up the six CP cost Adamant Edge first. Depending on how well you're farming, either pick up the seven CP Eldermage Amulet if farm isnt going well or the Eight CP Adamant Edge if farm is going well. Yes that's two Adamant Edge's. The eight cost Adamant Edge will be the first card you keep all game. After that, pick up your nine CP cost Guardians Ward. You'll keep Guardians Ward until the end of the game as well. After that, pick up the ten CP cost Snakevine Mesh for your ability armor and added power. Now here's where choice come in again. You can choose between a 10 CP cost Spiked Boneplate for basic armor and power or a 10 CP cost Swiftcreek Heart for attack speed and health. I typically go for Swiftcreek Heart due to picking up a Madspore Sash later which has basic armor as well and I like the attack speed of Swiftcreek. Now that we have four of our six end game cards and we have 37 CP used up with 23 CP remaining to gain, you want to pick up that 11 CP cost Madspore Sash. It gives you added HP regen and basic armor along with the maximum 34.5 radiation ability damage. After finishing that, pick up your 12 CP cost Traitors Touch. This give you more attack speed and some more power on top of the 5% of your enemies current as additional basic attack damage. After finishing you deck, You're ready to steamroll these fools!

Abilities: As stated in the intro, prioritize Siphon. In between that, make sure you get Colossal Blow whenever it's first available. After you atleast have one of each ability, you can easily kill heroes under tower. Use Subjugate to lock them down, Phantom Rush to get behind them, and then Colossal Blow to hit them out of tower into your awaiting teammates. In between ganks, make sure you're Siphoning creeps as much as possible to build your stacks. Dont be afraid to just farm for 10-15 minutes if ganks aren't possible. Other than that, play smart and efficiently!

Gameplay tactics: As far as gameplay goes, just stay smart and keep thinking ahead to what you can to do do be more efficient and out farm them! Prioritize Siphon stacks and your amazing gank potential. Utilize that Ult ability tyo hit enemy heroes out of their tower into teammates because the enemy team never expects you to be that ballsy.

In Conclusion, play smart and coordinate with your team. get them stacks, be efficient, be ballsy, and don't take unneeded risks. I hope you found this Guide helpful and I hope to see you in Monolith!!