The Deck: This deck takes advantage of Feng Mao’s Order/Fury affinities and abilities in order to stack health and ability penetration instead of ability armor and basic penetration. Thanks to Honor the Pure (nerfed in v36 - you will be unable to stack it with teammates for 15 seconds after one is activated) and Feng Mao’s RMB (Conversion Shield), you will have enough survivability throughout the game with the health items suggested in this deck. In the late game, Feng Mao’s burst damage output results from landing his R (Earth Shatter) and E (Hamstring) abilities which both cause ability damage, so ability penetration is prioritized over basic penetration. All heroes in the game have passive armor that scales per level, capping with 30,5 ability armor at level 15. So in order to do true damage as a melee or ranged hero, the baseline amount of penetration you need is 30,5 in order to overcome this passive armor. Note: If you feel like you need ability armor, replace the 6 point Windcarver Blade with a 6 point Tuned Barrier.

Skill Order: Feng Mao’s E (Hamstring) is an AOE attack that deals 75|120|165|210 damage and applies a slow that hinders movement speed by -160|-215|-270|-325 slow for 2 seconds. Prioritize levelling this ability as fast as possible because this is where a majority of Feng Mao’s damage will come from. Slow your enemies in order to lock them down for your team to follow up, prevent their escape or enable your own. Keep in mind that it’s a soft CC and will only slow (not stun) your foes so they will still be able to move, attack and use abilities. Level Feng Mao’s RMB (Conversion Shield) after his E (Hamstring). This provides him with a shield that absorbs +125|225|325|425 damage and lasts for 2.5 seconds. This ability is a life-saver for escaping and becomes even stronger when combined with Honor the Pure. As with all heroes, prioritize the ultimate ability when it is available at levels 5, 9 and 13. Feng Mao’s ultimate R (Earth Shatter) causes him to slam his blade into the ground, dealing 300|400|500 damage to all enemies in a straight line in front of him. Burst is more important than ever on Monolith, and Earth Shatter gives Feng Mao the ability to burst down multiple enemies or execute foes with low health. Keep in mind Feng Mao must leap into the air before he slams his blade, allowing your target a split second to sidestep or use an ability to escape the range. Feng Mao’s Q (Reaping Dash) should be levelled after prioritizing his other abilities. Upon activation, Feng Mao throws an out image of himself. When it collides with an enemy hero or reaches the max distance of 700|775|850|925 units, he will teleport to the image. The image deals 40|80|120|160 damage to all minions it passes through and to the single hero it collides with. His next Sweep Attack (basic attack) within 4 seconds after teleporting gains 10|25|40|55% extra damage. Many players use his Q (Reaping Dash) ability primarily as an escape or engage tool but remember the bonus damage applied to his next basic attack can be useful for bursting down targets.

Early Game: Start the game with a Lord’s Ward and use it to provide vision for yourself or your midlaner. Recall and sell the Lord’s Ward for your starter items (HP pot and healer token) and get ready to take off-lane white camps that spawn at 1:20. Sometimes you can farm both off-lane white camps but you will need to use your judgment in order to do so. Remember to kite the jungle minions in order to minimize damage. Like all offlaners, early game is about getting to level 5 as fast as possible without dying so farm when you are able and most importantly stay alive in order to avoid an early death. At level 5 if you find yourself alone against the enemy ADC in lane you should be able to engage them 1v1 and take the fight. Between your initiation/escape ability, shield, slow and burst ultimate your damage output and survivability for a level 5 duel is very high.

Mid Game: Feng Mao’s kit and this build is best suited for getting picks on enemies in the midgame. Every time your ult R (Earth Shatter) is available or the river buffs spawn, look for engagements. Feng Mao is not meant to farm in lane and when you reach 21 CXP and purchase Honor the Pure, you become quite tanky and still output a decent amount of damage thanks to the 2 Madstone Gems suggested in this build. As a result, you can start taking fights you wouldn’t normally think are feasible (within reason of course, don’t play stupidly). One way you can look to improve is to learn and internalize the cooldowns of Feng Mao’s RMB (Conversion Shield) and Q (Reaping Dash) abilities. They can be the difference between securing a kill, making an escape or dying.

Late Game: When your 2 Meltdowns are online you will start doing a sinificant amount of dmg, since you're gonna have 22 ability penetration and since ADCs and mages likely will not build ability armor in the late game you're gonna do a lot of dmg to them. Feng Mao’s kit is best suited for flanking enemy formations in order to E (Hamstring) your targets for your team to burst down. If you have slowed an enemy ADC or mage, feel free to use your R (Earth Shatter) for the quick kill and follow with RMB (Conversion Shield) and Q (Reaping Dash) to make your escape. Keep this ability combo in mind for teamfights late game: E → R → RMB → Q Feng Mao is all about getting in, making the kill or offloading your damage and then getting out to reposition for another combo. Another important factor to consider is your target - don’t waste your ability combo on a tanky target or a hero who can interrupt you and make their escape. Keep your cooldowns in mind and don’t engage unless you and your team can secure the kill quickly. GL and HF!