The Deck: This deck centers around taking advantage of Greystone’s abilities and Order/Fury affinities in the early game as you build into a crit build late game. Your first power spike is at 18 CXP when your Brawler’s Ward and two Madstone Gems are completed. Your survivability and play-making potential improve at 24 CXP when you build Honor the Pure. Please be aware this build comes online at 39 CXP when you complete Golden Veil for the 20% crit chance recommended by this build.

Skill Order: Prioritize levelling Greystone’s Q (Make Way) in order to augment his DPS by causing 100|160|220|280 damage in an area around him over the course of 5 seconds. Combined with basic attacks, this provides enough damage to your enemies throughout all stages of the game that they will need to flee, reposition or burn abilities in order to escape.

After you have completed Greystone’s Q (Make Way), level his passive E (Stoic). This provides him with additional Basic Armor and Health, which increase with each level. Basic Armor protects against Basic Attacks from melee heroes and ADCs, and Stoic increases it in increments of 4|8|12|16. Stoic also provides Greystone with Health in increments of 70/140/210/280. Combined with Honor the Pure, Greystone becomes decently tanky without spending CXP on Health or Armor items as the match progresses into mid game.

Despite being able to output considerable damage with his basic attacks and Q (Make Way) for a period of time thanks to his passive E (Stoic), Greystone’s bread and butter play-making ability is his passive R (Reforged). When Greystone dies, he turns to stone. Enemies within 900 units get a 3 second slow, causing them to lose between 550(inner)/125(outer) movement speed, depending on how close they are to Greystone. After 3 seconds, his spirit re-enters his body from above, resurrecting him with 50|60|70% health. He also deals 180/260/340 ability damage in the area around him as he enters his body. This ability in the early and mid game makes Greystone a nearly unstoppable tower-diver, and late game it can be used as a zoning and/or flanking tool. The slow provided by his first death will allow your team to focus down anyone caught inside (in addition to making the enemy team use mana and abilities to escape it’s radius), and the ability damage he causes as he re-enters his body provides a burst that could mean the difference in a team fight.

Greystone’s RMB (Assault the Gates) allows him to leap as far as 1000 units, dealing 75|120|165|210 in a small AOE where he lands. Use this ability to engage or close the gap after your initial engage forces enemies to use an ability to peel you away from them. Alternatively, you can use it to leap into the middle of the team fight just before you die in order to draw as many enemies into your ultimate’s slow and burst as possible.

Early Game: Start the game with a Lord’s Ward and use it to provide vision for yourself or your midlaner. Recall and sell the Lord’s Ward for your starter items (HP pot and healer token) and get ready to take off-lane white camps that spawn at 1:20. Sometimes you can farm both off-lane white camps but you will need to use your judgment in order to do so. Remember to kite the jungle minions in order to minimize damage. Like all offlaners, early game is about getting to level 5 as fast as possible without dying so farm when you are able and most importantly stay alive in order to avoid an early death.

Mid Game: Your initial power spike arrives at 18 CXP when your Brawler’s Ward and 2 Madstone Gems are completed. Purchasing Honor the Pure at 24 CXP will allow you to start making aggressive plays in the form of tower-dives, 1v1s against enemy ADCs, contesting river buffs or invading the enemy jungle. Greystone only gets stronger after this point, as he is a slow scaling hero that becomes a beast mid to late game.

Late Game: In this deck, Greystone’s crit comes online at 39 CXP. You will be capable of hitting for as much as 250 damage 20% of the time. If left unchecked in a team fight, this is enough damage to solo most members of the enemy team. Never forget it’s your job to die in order to proc your ultimate R (Reforged) either as a CC tool due to the slow and damage or a zoning tool to give your team some space to escape or reposition and win the fight.

It is important the use your ultimate R (Reforged) wisely, don’t just run into a fight thinking you are unstoppable because of it. Greystones are easily focused down even after Reforge if the enemy team is coordinated. Smart decisions and teamwork separates great players from good/average players