The Deck: This deck is built around combo’ing Sevarog’s abilities to cause as much as 1000+ damage late game. Sevarog’s basic attacks should supplement, rather than form the basis of most your damage. To this end, this deck will build Sevarog tanky with some armor and a little attack speed (along with flat damage and health for the rest).

Skill Order: Prioritize levelling Q (Siphon) above all other abilities, except for R (Colossal Blow) at 5, 9 and 13. Level E (Subjugate) when Q and R are complete (or cannot be levelled) and finally RMB (Phantom Rush) which serves as your gap closer/escape. Remember on Monolith Sevarog can build stacks by last-hitting minions with any of his abilities. Late game you can instantly clear waves or camps by combo’ing any of his abilities. He gains 1 Soul Stack with each minion kill and 3 per hero. Each Soul Stack gives Sevarog +3 and adds +1 to his Siphon attack. +20/30/40/50 and +10/15/20/25 bonus is also added upon reaching 20/50/90/140 Soul Stacks.

Remember that his Q (Siphon) gains 1 point of damage per each stack (stacks cap at 200). If you are on top of your farm throughout the game, your Q (Siphon) will do a terrifying amount of damage at the cost of 25 mana with 5 second cooldown. Each stack also adds +3 HP so it is in your best interest to farm stacks as much as possible.

Additionally, remember that his RMB (Phantom Dash) allows him to pass through enemies and minions. This provides a little more utility than other dashes as you won’t need to worry as much about positioning when activating RMB.

Early Game: Start the game with a Lord’s Ward and use it to provide vision for yourself or your midlaner. Recall and sell the Lord’s Ward for your starter items (HP pot and healer token) and get ready to take off-lane white camps that spawn at 1:20. Sometimes you can farm both off-lane white camps but you will need to use your judgment in order to do so. Remember to kite the jungle minions in order to minimize damage. Like all offlaners, early game is about getting to level 5 as fast as possible without dying so farm when you are able and most importantly stay alive in order to avoid an early death.

When your tower is under siege, remember to let ranged minions take two tower shots before securing the last hit with your basic attack or your Q (Siphon). Melee minions take four tower shots before you should basic attack or Q.

Mid Game: Sevarog comes online mid game when he achieves 90 stacks or around 24 card points. He will start to do a large amount of damage and will be able to sustain a lot of punishment. Look for picks by surprising enemies from behind which will allow you to land your combo of R → E → Q. Ulting enemies into your team and following with E (Subjugate) will almost always result in a kill. If you are ahead in level or CXP you should be able to 1v1 most heroes.

Late Game: Sevarog is one of the most lethal and versatile late game heroes. Your full combo of abilities will deal 1000+ damage and you will be capable of taking 1v1s with any enemy hero. Look to be a menace to your enemies during team fights by using your R (Colossal Blow) to break up enemy formations and secure picks. Alternatively, protect your ADC by using your ult to knock away enemy initiators such as Rampage, Steel or Greystone. Sevarog’s large character model is also ideal for body-blocking which is useful for protecting your ADC from pursuit or securing kills for your team by impeding enemies’ escape. Your E (Subjugate) can also be useful for securing kills on fleeing enemies or allowing your own ADC to escape. Many players forget that in the long run, your ADC is key for winning team fights so if you can help him stay alive you vastly improve your chances of winning. GL and HF!